CrossFit Mission Gorge Left Coast Invitational

The 2013 CrossFit Mission Gorge Left Coast Invitational will be held at San Diego State University on Saturday, August 17th.

We are opening this event to 40 males/40 females in the “Intermediate Category,” and 40 males/40 females in the “Advanced Category” from the Southern California and surrounding areas.

There are three workouts planned over the course of the day on Saturday, August 17th for both Intermediate and Advanced Athletes. Heat assignments will be given out the closer we get to the event. We will announce the workouts for both categories on this site and on the LCI Facebook Page when registration opens on Monday, July 15th.

All participants will receive a 2013 Left Coast Invitational T-Shirt and we will have prizes for the top three males and females in each category (Intermediate and Advanced).

If you would like to volunteer, we are in need of 30 judges with at least one year of CrossFit experience and a CrossFit Level 1 Certification (preferred, but not required).  Please fill out the registration form below and select "volunteer" if you are interested in becoming a judge.  

Please e-mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to help.


Official LCI Sponsors


We are proud to announce that RX Smart Gear is the Title Sponsor for the 2013 Left Coast Invitational.   

RX Smart Gear will provide both prize money and gift bags filled with quality RX Smart Gear products for the top three finishers in all categories, and be on-site at the competition.  Be sure to stop by their booth on the 17th for ropes, gear, apparel, and other goods!

RX Smart Gear will reward the top athletes:  

$150 for third place in all categories

$200 for second place in all categories

$275 for first place in all categories



The Fitness Armory, San Diego's Fitness Supply Specialist, will be providing the pull-up rig at the 2013 Left Coast Invitational



































































Want to Become a Sponsor?

The success of The Left Coast Invitational is not possible without the generosity and effort put forth by sponsors, who lend their names and prize donations to the event. The prizes we are able to offer the participants is a critical component of attracting athletes from more distant locations, as well as rewarding those individuals who commit their own financial resources in order to become top competitors.

By participating as a sponsor, your organization will benefit from exposure prior to, during and for many months following the event, through media campaigns, promotional efforts and various websites promoting the Left Coast Invitational.

Here is a list of the different levels and benefits of sponsorship at the 2013 Left Coast Invitational:

Level 1 (prizes-12 total for top athletes, and/or raffle donation)

• Your company logo on the Left Coast Invitational Website with a link to your website.

Level 2 (prizes-12 total for top athletes, and/or raffle donation + $100)

• Your company logo on the Left Coast Invitational Website with a link to your website, company logo on the back of the 2013 LCI t-shirt, your company literature and promotional items in athlete gift bags (provided by sponsor).

Level 3 (prizes-12 total for top athletes, and/or raffle donation + $200)

• Your company logo on the Left Coast Invitational Website with a link to your website, your company logo on the back of the 2013 LCI t-shirt, your company literature and promotional items in athlete gift bags (provided by sponsor), booth space/display table for your company to use (products and services may be sold) at the event to sell and/or promote your business, your company banner displayed at the event (provided by sponsor), announcement of your company name and sponsorship in event communications.

We are hopeful you will get behind The 2013 Left Coast Invitational, and thank you in advance for considering any level of sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsorship, please e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


We are currently full. Registration is now closed. 


Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Workout #1

As Many Rounds As Possible In 6 Minutes

8 Deadlifts (185#/135#) (155#/105#)

6 Hang Cleans (185#/135#) (155#/105#)

4 Shoulder to Overhead (185#/135#) (155#/105#)


Click here to view Workout #1 Movement Standards


Workout #2

As Many Rounds As Possible In 12 Minutes

50 Double Unders (Advanced)/100 Single Unders (Intermediate) *

5 Toes-to-Bar

5 Thrusters (135#/95#) (115#/75#)

40 Double Unders (Advanced)/75 Single Unders (Intermediate)*

6 Toes-to-Bar

6 Thrusters

30 Double Unders (Advanced)/50 Single Unders (Intermediate)*

7 Toes-to-Bar

7 Thrusters

20 Double Unders (Advanced)/25 Single Unders (Intermediate)*

8 Toes-to-Bar

8 Thrusters

*All athletes will use the "Beast Cable" jump rope from RX Smart Gear.  

Athletes will be sized for a rope in the warm-up area.  

Click here to view Workout # 2 Movement Standards


Workout #3

-For Time (20 Min. Cap)-

20 Yard Handstand Walk (Advanced) or Burpee Broad Jump (Intermediate)

20 Front Squats (135#/95)(115#/75#)

30 KB SDHP (70#/53#)(53#/35#)

40 Lateral Burpees Over Barbell

40 KB Swings (70#/53#)(53#/35#)

30 Alternating Leg Pistols (Advanced) or 30 Static Alternating Leg Goblet Lunges (Intermediate)

30 Pull-Ups

20 Snatches (135#/95)(115#/75#)

Click here to view Workout #3 Movement Standards


LCI Info

The 2013 Left Coast Invitational will be held at San Diego State University on Saturday, August 17th from 8am until 5pm.  The event will take place on the turf field Peterson Gym 620, East of the Aquaplex and South of the Tony Gwynn Stadium.  For directions, click here.  





Athletes and spectators are encouraged to park at Parking Structure #5 (located in the bottom right corner of the map pictured above).  Parking rates are $1 per hour, with a maximum of 8 hours, payable at the permit machine inside the structure.  Parking permits for the entire day are also available at a discounted rate ($5 for the entire day) at Parking Services, located on Remington Road in the Public Safety Building.  To obtain your discounted Faculty/Staff pass, visit Parking Services Monday-Friday between the hours of 9am and 4pm.  For more parking information, visit the SDSU police website.  




 The layout of the turf field will be as follows:


Please note the Competitor Tent area where athletes are encouraged to set up (to the south of the field).  All tents must be secured with weights or sandbags.  


2013 Left Coast Invitational Timeline


5:00 am: Gates open for Volunteers and Sponsors


5:00-6:30 am: Set-Up (Tents, Equipment, and Pull-Up Rig)


5:00-7:00 am: Sponsor Set-Up


7:00-7:30 am: Athlete Check-In/Gates Open


7:30-7:45 am: Athlete Briefing/Competition Rules

*Athletes are instructed to watch the Movement Demo Videos posted above on this website containing the movement standards before the competition.  

 7:50 am: National Anthem


8:00 am: Left Coast Invitational Workouts Begin


11:54-12:45 pm: Lunch for Volunteers and Staff

At this time, we will restructuring the Heats for Workout #3 to reflect the current standings.  Heats for Workout #3 will be posted and announced on the field within this time period.  


4:30 pm: Closing Ceremonies ("Thank You" to Sponsors, Awards to Athletes)


5:00-6:30 pm: Tear Down



Athletes and spectators who are traveling from out of town are encouraged to stay at the Handlery Hotel San Diego, minutes away from the competition.  We have secured a room rate of $129/night (plus $5 for parking) available August 16th-18th, 2013.  Standard non-smoking rooms with one king or two double beds are available by calling 619-298-0511 to book directly with the reservations department.  



Momentum RX Media will be the prescribed event coverage for the Left Coast Invitational Competition.  They will have exclusive access to the competition field all day to capture amazing action shots of all LCI athletes and participants.   These photos will be on sale both during and after the competition.  Be sure to stop by their booth, too!



Our scoring system will be point-based. An athlete’s overall finishing place in a workout determines how many points he/she earns ( i.e. 1st place earns 1 point, 2nd place earns 2 points, 3rd place earns 3 points, etc.) After each workout, we will add up all the points an athlete has earned to determine his/her rank. The athlete with the fewest points will rank the highest.

For the LCI, we will use an Excel spreadsheet to manage everyone’s score. After each WOD is complete, we will post each athlete’s score/rank on paper and post for everyone to see. Our goal is to provide athletes with the most up-to-date scores throughout the entire day of competition. We will also try to share the scores electronically on our Facebook page via Google Docs so that smart-phones, laptops, and other electronic devices can be utilized to track an athlete’s overall ranking.

Heat Times

Heat #1

Workout #1 8:00-8:06/Workout #2 9:38-9:50 Adv. Females/Int. Females

1)Summer Brant

2) Alexandra Brown

3)Trish Davis

4)PJ Enders

5)Samantha Kleinschmidt

6)Laura Lafranchise

7)Francesca McGuffie

8)Jessemyn Russell

9)Brittany Schofer

10) Kaylie Wagner

1)Kim Akahori

2)Samantha Cummings

3)Celina Edwards

4)Jill Ketchum

5)Ezara Moyer

6)Janelle Peralta

7)Monique Ramirez

8)Kirsten Snyder

9)Julianna Washington

10) Nez Zamorano

Heat #2

Workout #1 8:11-8:17/Workout #2 9:55-10:07 Adv. Females/Int. Females

1)Jaimie Bougie

2) Andrea Callahan

3)Teshina DeBoer

4)Maggie Hirsch

5)Toosdhi McGowan

6)Kimberly McLaughlin

7)Brie Pineiro

8)Rachel Serna

9)Tracy Temmel

10) Sara West

1)Maria Alvarez

2)Rachel Berry

3)Lygia Bortolotti

4)Allison Waite

5)Karen Gallagher

6)Rosemarie Lettiere

7)Deborah Perez

8)Jenae Skerritt

9) Amy Tran

10) Cha Viloria

Heat #3

Workout #1 8:22-8:28/Workout #2 10:12-10:24 Int. Females/Int. Males

1)Brandy Adams

2)Casey Arnold

3)Dawn Cameron

4)Gracie Huerta

5)Miriam Marquez

6)Shelby Pascua

7)Victoria Roberts

8)Katie Robinson

9) Alex Toomes

10)Amy Whitman

1)Brandon Bullock

2)Jacob Callahan

3)Daniel Esquivel

4)Brian Foley

5)Daniel Fox

6) Alex Hutton

7)Michael Koch

8)Joseph Ramirez

9)Joey Ting

10) Willie Washington

Heat #4

Workout #1 8:33-8:39/Workout #2 10:29-10:41 Int. Female/Int. Males

1)Russella Allison

2)Elsa Baiza

3)Lisa Burns

4)Vienna Cabrales

5)Liz Chin

6)Makyia Hoyt

7) Alison Jones

8)Melissa Ordway

9)Shannon Ruebel

10) Barbara Williams

1) Andy Alderman

2) Alejandro Bisquertt

3)Mike Burton

4)Philippe Darvish

5)Nick Hurd

6)Colin Lane

7)Joshua Norton

8)Nicholas Ordway

9)Devin Simonson

10) Brandon Welch

Heat #5

Workout #1 8:49-8:55/Workout #2 10:51-11:03 Int. Females/Int. Males

1) Amanda Allen

2)Briana Drost

3)Melissa Hibbert

4)Irene Mejia

5)Denise Orfanos

6)Melissa Smith

1)Eric Benson

2)Bob Curatola

3)Todd Ebert

4)Michael Farina

5)Hamad Almoqatei

6)Chris Boyd

7)Brian Dalager

8)Raymond Edwards

9)Marcos Flores

10) Mathew Gomez

11) Bradley Maxfield

12) Jerry Moylan

13) Ricky Savage

14) Kevin Shreffler

Heat #6

Workout #1 9:00-9:06/Workout #2 11:08-11:20 Int.. Males/Adv. Males

1)Curtis Kelley

2)Connor Miller

3)Kris Mukherji

4)Sam Peterson

5) Aaron Stone

6)Donnie Zimmerman

7) Arce Joshua

8)Damon Cook

9) Angel Garza

10) Sebastien Guislain

1)Seth Bailey

2)David Bennett

3)Jared Crane

4)Jay Johnson

5)Brandon McLaughlin

6) Aleksandrs Nehajenko

7)Steven Ptak

8)Dave Turczyn

9) Sean Woolery

10) Reid Worthington

Heat #7

Workout #1 9:11-9:17/Workout #2 11:25-11:37 Int. Males/Adv. Males

1)Brian Kemp

2) Adam Rennie

3)Scott Schwitzer

4)Jason Stanley

5)Joseph Verrill

1)Marshall Allenbaugh

2)Scott Brenton

3)Danjel Demory

4)Eric Gohl

5)Michael Ingley

6)Gareth Joseph

7)Quinn McHugh

8)Chris Pence

9)Joseph Stelletello

10) Tyler Wisecup

11) Brian Alexander

12) Matt Bartlett

13) Michael Cox

14) Paul Estrada

15) Roy Voss

Heat #8

Workout #1 9:22-9:28/Workout #2 11:42-11:54 Adv. Males

1)James Melton

2)Seth Radnothy

3)Jarod Smith

4)Carlos Vargas

5)Steve Wyland

6)Joe Alilain

7)Eric Callen

8) Andrew Dunavent

9)Kevin Ferreira

10) Evan Linney

11) Kyle Lucena

12) Vic McQuaied

13) John Morgan

14) Tyler Rodems

15) Alex Uriarte

16) Jeremy Allen

17) Kevin Coger

18) Jason Jamison

19) Mark Lin


Athlete Roster

Intermediate Women

Athlete Affiliate
Adams, Brandy CrossFit La Jolla
Akahori, Kim CrossFit Mission Gorge
Allen, Amanda CrossFit Mission Gorge
Allison, Russella CrossFit Mission Gorge
Alvarez, Maria CrossFit Mission Gorge
Arnold, Casey CrossFit Max Effort
Baiza, Elsa CrossFit Mission Gorge
Barry, Rachel CrossFit Elysium
Bortolotti, Lygia Outlier CrossFit
Burns, Lisa CrossFit Invictus
Cabrales, Vienna Outlier CrossFit
Cameron, Dawn CrossFit East County
Chin, Liz CrossFit ATR
Cummings, Samantha Mighty CrossFit
Drost, Briana CrossFit Elysium
Edwards, Celina CrossFit Flood
Gallagher, Karen CrossFit Elysium
Hibbert, Melissa CrossFit East County
Hoyt, Makyia CrossFit Mission Gorge
Huerta, Gracie CrossFit East County
Jones, Alison CrossFit Invictus
Ketchum, Jill CrossFit Elysium
Lettiere, Rosemarie CrossFit Mission Gorge
Marquez, Miriam CrossFit Elysium
Mejia, Irene CrossFit Elysium
Moyer, Ezara CrossFit Mission Gorge
Ordway, Melissa CrossFit East County
Orfanos, Denise CrossFit Victory
Pascua, Shelby CrossFit Mission Gorge
Peralta, Janelle CrossFit 858
Perez, Deborah CrossFit Mission Gorge
Ramirez, Monique CrossFit Victory
Roberts, Victoria CrossFit Elysium
Robinson, Katie CrossFit Fortius
Ruebel, Shannon CrossFit Mission Gorge
Skerritt, Jenae CrossFit ATR
Smith, Melissa CrossFit 858
Snyder, Kirsten CrossFit Mission Gorge
Toomes, Alex CrossFit Elysium
Tran, Amy CrossFit Invictus
Viloria, Cha CrossFit 858
Waite, Allison Dynamis CrossFit
Washington, Julianna CrossFit Fortius
Whitman, Amy Mighty CrossFit
Williams, Barbara CrossFit Mission Gorge
Zamorano, Nez CrossFit ATR

Intermediate Men

Athlete Affiliate
Alderman, Andy CrossFit Mission Gorge
Almoqatei, Hamad CrossFit Elysium
Arce, Joshua CrossFit ATR
Benson, Eric CrossFit Mission Gorge
Bisquertt, Alejandro CrossFit Fortius
Boyd, Chris CrossFit ATR
Bullock, Brandon CrossFit ATR
Burton, Mike CrossFit ATR
Callahan, Jacob CrossFit Mission Gorge
Cook, Damon CrossFit Ocean Beach
Curatola, Bob Mighty CrossFit
Dalager, Brian CrossFit Flood
Darvish, Philippe CrossFit Del Mar
Ebert, Todd CrossFit Victory
Edwards, Raymond CrossFit Flood
Esquivel, Daniel CrossFit ATR
Farina, Michael CrossFit East County
Flores, Marcos CrossFit ATR
Foley, Brian AON Fitness
Fox, Daniel CrossFit Mission Gorge
Garza, Angel Victory CrossFit
Gomez, Matthew CrossFit SoCal
Herris, Dennis Dynamis CrossFit
Hurd, Nick CrossFit Pacific Beach
Hutton, Alex CrossFit Fortius
Kelley, Curtis CrossFit Flood
Kemp, Brian CrossFit Flood
Koch, Michael South Vegas CrossFit
Lane, Colin CrossFit Mission Gorge
Maxfield, Bradley CrossFit La Jolla
Miller, Connor CrossFit ATR
Moylan, Jerry CrossFit SoCal
Mukherji, Krishiv CrossFit 858
Norton, Joshua CrossFit Max Effort
Ordway, Nicholas CrossFit East County
Petersen, Sam CrossFit Elysium
Ramirez, Joseph CrossFit Victory
Rennie, Adam CrossFit 858
Savage, Ricky CrossFit 858
Schwitzer, Scott CrossFit ATR
Shreffler, Kevin  
Simonson, Devin CrossFit 858
Stanley, Jason CrossFit Mission Gorge
Stone, Aaron CrossFit East County
Ting, Joey CrossFit 858
Verrill, Joseph CrossFit SoCal
Washington, Willie CrossFit Fortius
Welch, Brandon CrossFit Flood
Zimmerman, Donnie CrossFit La Jolla

Advanced Women

Athlete Affiliate
Bougie, Jaimie CrossFit Invictus
Brant, Summer CrossFit Invictus
Brown, Alexandra CrossFit East County
Callahan, Andrea Outlier CrossFit
Davis, Trish CrossFit 2120
DeBoer, Teshina CrossFit East County
Enders, Pj CrossFit Imperial Valley
Hirsch, Maggie CrossFit Pacific Beach
Kleinschmidt, Samantha Outlier CrossFit
Lafranchise, Laura CrossFit La Jolla
McGowan, Toosdhi M CrossFit Elysium
McGuffie, Francesca Outlier CrossFit
McLaughlin, Kimberly CrossFit Invictus
Pineiro, Brie CrossFit Invictus
Russell, Jessemyn CrossFit Invictus
Schofer, Brittany  
Serna, Rachel CrossFit Trifecta
Temmel, Tracy Offshore CrossFit
Wagner, Kayli CrossFit East County
West, Sara CrossFit Elysium

Advanced Men

Athlete Affiliate
Alexander, Brian CrossFit La Jolla
Alilain, Joe CrossFit 858
Allen, Jeremy CrossFit Mission Gorge
Allenbaugh, Marshall CrossFit Barracks
Bailey, Seth CrossFit Mission Gorge
Bartlett, Matt  
Bennett, David CrossFit Elysium
Brenton, Scott CrossFit 858
Callen, Eric CrossFit Mission Gorge
Coger, Kevin CrossFit Invictus
Cox, Michael CrossFit 858
Crane, Jared CrossFit Barracks
Demory, Danjel CrossFit Mission Gorge
Dunavent, Andrew Outlier CrossFit
Estrada, Paul CrossFit Elysium
Ferreira, Kevin CrossFit East County
Gohl, Eric CrossFit Ocean Beach
Ingley, Michael CrossFit Invictus
Jamison, Jason  
Johnson, Jay CrossFit Barracks
Joseph, Gareth CrossFit Victory
Lin, Mark CrossFit 858
Linney, Evan CrossFit Invictus
Lucena, Kyle CrossFit East County
McHugh, Quinn CrossFit Mission Gorge
McLaughlin, Brandon CrossFit Secutor
McQuaied, Vic  
Melton, James CrossFit Mission Gorge
Morgan, John CrossFit Mission Gorge
Nehajenko, Aleksandrs CrossFit 619
Pence, Chris Outlier CrossFit
Ptak, Steven CrossFit Max Effort
Radnothy, Seth Outlier CrossFit
Rodems, Tyler CrossFit East County
Smith, Jarod CrossFit Santee
Stelletello, Joseph  
Turczyn, Dave CrossFit Mission Gorge
Uriarte, Alex CrossFit ATR
Vargas, Carlos CrossFit Chula Vista
Voss, Roy CrossFit Mission Gorge
Wisecup, Tyler Competitors WOD
Woolery, Sean CrossFit Mission Gorge
Worthington, Reid Citizen CrossFit
Wyland, Steve CrossFit ATR